she's just so mmm.

it's so cold.

i miss the feel of your skin on mine, and i miss how your eyes burn. i miss that moment when i see your face light up and your lips part, showing your teeth. your tongue.

she's got it all figured out, she knows what everything's about.

i'm all alone at home, everybody has left. the moment the door shuts behind the last person leaving must be the most disappointing moment ever. for just a fleeting space of time, your heart sinks to your tippy toes and you realize you now have to face the dark on your own. lonelily.

if you would only listen, you might just realize what you're missing; you're missing me.

if we want hell, then hell is what we'll have.

i want to watch the moon rise with you. i want to see the gloomy, dim rays light up your eyes. i like to see their blaze.

make this go away

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