i gave me away.

tonight was simply splendid. he's beautiful, he's sentimental, his voice is like (and yes, i know i sound like bella from twilight, but screw it) velvet.

i like him, i like him, i like him.

i want to hold his hand all the time.
i like his smile, and i like his teeth. and his lips. and his skin.

fuck this:

and fuck you.

i want this:

wait, is that a girl? i think i see a little bit of a boob there.
oh well. i still kinda want that too, so.
i still kinda want you.

you know i'd wait forever, if i had time to, but i don't have forever to wait for you.

so every second song still reminds me of you, when are they going to start reminding me of him? thiiis iiis taaakiiing tooo looong.

kiss me. i totally dont have the guts.

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