designer drugs.

what is happy? man, i'm happy.

i feel delirious sometimes becasue so many thoughts rush through my mind, and they make me drunk. it's all so flowery and colourful and warm and it's making my head spin. in a good out-of-control way. and then sometimes, one person speaks and says something irrelevant, unnecessary even, and my rosy thoughts melt away, then everything is dark and gloomy. but the flowers always come back :)

i had such a good post the other night, and then somebody took my phone and i was left without internet access. now i have forgotten. it was something about fervent heat, and how emotions can feel warm, or cold.  i realised i said the wrong thing, crossed the line and instantaneously, my chest was doused in ice-cold water. it's just what it feels like. you say the right thing, you probably cross the line too, but you say the right thing, and the heat rises from my chest and warms me all the way down to my fingertips. things like that are cool. it was better the other night though, in bed, because i was listening to music and i was somewhere that was rosy and gloomy, somewhere sentimental, and that's where all the good shit happens.

probably not popular is fun now, because we have a song, and everybody has a part. we're going to go big, and if not, we're going to have a lot of fun hubbly, wine, and mighty boosh nights. we can play balderdash too, and sleep outside on the balcony under the the pretty sky, because it's summer and it'll be warm. and it's so beautiful on the balcony, everything looks prettier.

i've wanted to blog for so long and now i'm here, and now i've got writer's block.

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