happy : happier : happiest

i miss your face, i miss your voice, i miss the cute sound your mouth makes when you kiss me (in the most non-romantic way possible), i miss your eyes, your laugh, your skin, your hands, your tummy, your stare. i miss the way you listen and i miss the way you sing. i miss the way we pretend to throw up in each others mouths and its not even awkward later on. i miss how cute and pretty you are, and i miss how we laugh at nothing for hours on end.

holy shit, i miss you.

i hate times like these, when all i really want is someone to talk to, someone who will hold me or whatever lame shit. just someone. but of course, at times like these, everybody who has the potential to be a somebody fucks off because i said something wrong, or because i am not a boy, or because i kissed them too much, or because i didn't kiss them enough.

i'm sorry.

i want you.

i still love you.

i am in love with you.

..or what the fuck ever.

that's all it has to be.

i don't want to be with you.

will you be mine?

will you, won't you?

i want to kiss you, a lot.

i want to feel your skin.

i want to count your beauty spots.

i want to stop lying to you, and to me.

i want you.

and, person who is reading this, may it be a stranger, or a friend, or me (this is directed mainly towards future me) -- just remember that none of the above 'you's are referring to the same person. well, perhaps one or two.

oh, happy day, i love distractions.

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