this is everything.

phoneless, loveless, moneyless.

self-restriction has got to be hands-down the most difficult thing to orchestrate successfully, because there are so many things to sway you off your path of self-preservation and onto one of self-destruction. it's uncanny, really. it blows my mind.

i keep typing a sentence, and then backspacing and restarting. i kinda wish i could do that in real life, it would be of so much help.

she is so beautiful. her hair cascades over her shoulder and down her back, and timidly tucks in behind her ears. her eyes are always emphasized by a delicate glint, and she is almost impossible not to look at. she is effervescent, she is whimsical. she could be something.

but my vision is clouded by a haze the shape, size and colour of you.

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