can't you see?

you're so pretty in person, your face inches from mine makes my hands clumsy, i start to shake.

you annoy me so much that i want to punch your nose up into your brain, but then when you speak to me about your day and about me, i am mesmerized and thrilled, you're cute. sometimes.

and YOU. jesus, our miscommunication is past the point of salvation.

of course i don't know what you're saying, stupid girl. you're making no sense, you're delving too deep in oceans too shallow.

why couldn't you just have left things as they were? we should leave it. end it. before something silly and unnecessary takes place.

before you make me insane and shit, i should stop.

the first step, admitting the problem? that's bullshit. it makes the problem larger than life and it becomes all you think about. note to self: never admit my problems to myself ever again. she's not my problem.

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