this ain't murdermile, that's just the way i smile

i'll show you just how dark it gets when the sun really does go down.

the kills are amazing, they keep my sanity secure and in place. i've only just sobered up for the first time since ten this morning, and it's four in the afternoon. six hours of blissful ignorance, so distracting and refreshing. i'm not an alcoholic though, i don't like the feeling much, i just like my world revolving around something else for a while.

i hope nothing ever comes of that, because i feel like a tattooed gangsta that will find some homies to strangle you. i can't even breathe properly, i get so UGH.

i get so jealous, i can't even work.

so now, with a hunters in my hand and the kills blaring on my lap, red nail polish on my nails, i want it. the search for cherry red, hitched, superstition. i think i'm excited for tonight, maybe i'll be distracted again.

i have burns and marks and scratches all along my right arm, and they're all in the sun now, and my whole arm is stinging and throbbing. can your whole arm get infected? and can i get like septic?

take a drink of my red wine.

do you wonder like i do? what do you think when you think about it? when our eyes meet, what do you feel?

mushy soppy gross romantic lame tangled swimming addicted influenced want want want in love

last day of magic, where are you? my little serenado, my little cocaino.

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