one day.

i have been waiting to make this post for like 24 hours.

we're in class, waiting for our exam papers, just talking, because we don't even have a teacher watching us. nevermind exams.

i'm hoping it's the french teacher on duty, because he's so sexy and he's so ah. ah. ahhh. he makes me so rawr, like major stimulation of my sex drive.


i hate it when you're stalking someone on facebook, and you accidentally like their activity, like "so and so is now friends with so and so" and you like it, and its like :| shit.

luckily now we can unlike :) fb stalking ftw

i'm really excited for probably not popular, and how we're all going to sit on chairs in a row because nobody wants to sit in the back. i'm excited how i'm going to play ukelele, and how anja is going to play on a drum machine, those synthesiser things, and maybe we should have a keyboard too, and bliss is going to play a wooden flute :)

last night was really a crap night, the beginning was nice, but i couldn't sleep and i kept waking up from the stupid lightning and thunder, and i had this annoying headache right behind my forehead, and my arm kept getting pins and needles, and ugh. it was just so shit.

i'm excited for today, and tomorrow, my weekend is fun-packed :) today, it's my little sister's birthday party, but before that, owen is coming to me for a while :D and bliss and anja are coming to me and then tomorrow, i'm going for a PICNIC with carmsch and everybody, then we're getting our drank on (haha) in cloakrooms, which is going to get steeeaamy and awesome :)

that's so pervy, because only my friends are going and i'm like ;) steamy. that's gross.

it will not get steamy, it will be perfectly heterosexual and innocent. nothing will happen, except we're going to get faceless, and we're going to be lame "whoo" girls, and go home and go to bed and wake up with cigarette and alcohol hangovers. nothing worse. fuck, i'm excited :) i'm so excited i want to say "amped". i want to use that word :/

you're so beautiful, it still makes me go "oh" all breathlessly and cliche-like. i can't look at you without smiling, and i don't KNOW why. i just like looking at you, i want to look at you all day long. just stare, because you're just so beautiful. did i already say that?

fuck. you're the most beautiful girl in the world. your aesthetic is like no other.

i hope my mom never finds my blog :/

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