double whammy.

that was cute. i listened to this cute thing, probably the cutest thing in the world, it makes me giggle like a silly baby. it makes me smile all big and goofy like an idiot.

and just as it finished, the second cutest thing in the world walked though my door, my hero, who had very obviously just woken up, came in and she looked so fucked up half asleep and confused and she waved a cute little wave and she was frowning like people do when they wake up and they're not entirely awake yet, and her speech was slurred, and just as she left she waved another little cute wave. it was totally cute :)

life's good back at hostel, i love my friends. ahh.

and i can't stop thinking about you, i want to write you letters, i want to write your name everywhere and i want to text yóu ten times a day. where the fuck is my head?

i have kinda finally admitted to myself that i have a problem. she's a problem, my problem. an ailment. the first step is admitting the problem, right? what's the second step? i just want this gone.

i'm exhausted, i need sleep. it's almost four o'clock in the afternoon, i've already been awake for twelve hours. this day is long and urgh and my asthma attack won't die down.

i want to kiss you.

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