ah, fuck it, give me that damn bucket

overall this weekend was pretty sweet. the last twenty four hours though, like on their own - not so fucking sweet.

like, wtf. what were you doing last night, touching me, tugging on my hand when we both know it's never going to be any more than "oh, yeah, her, we kissed."

you look at me like i'm what you want and it kills me to look back at you and know that you've really been practicing in the mirror at home, or you're just a natural at pretending.
 because i want to believe you when you look at me like that, touch me like that.
please leave me alone now, i don't want to like you anymore.
it makes me want to throw-up. the bad kind.

ugh. then she comes along, again, and she just messes with my head, and she messes with my life, and she messes with everything i have, everything i want.

please go away, because i hate you, and i don't want to hate you, but i do, and i'm sorry. i can't help hating the way you just fuck with everything. it's not your place, but you just whine your way in everywhere like a little bitch.

and i've had enough of this shit.

anyway. other than that, life is dandy.
it's only the people that screw with it.

and you're such a hypocrite it's a joke.

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