j'ai tombé pour toi.

i wish i could rewind.

go back to the time when you wanted me, when i was blind, oblivious to your subtle feelings, and your not-so-subtle hints.

screw perfection and preconceived ideas, i want your flawless imperfection.

i want to apologize for not taking what you had to give when i still could. you're most probably over it, this is probably not going to change anything, but i don't care. i have to say it. because back then, you were all i wanted, and i was too stupid to think that you may actually have felt the same way. and now, i still want you. and you don't, and i guess that's okay, because there is nothing i can do about it.

i feel different around you, i feel vulnerable and emotional. my heart feels like it is announcing my every thought and emotion out loud, for everybody to hear, but the only person i wish would listen is you.

i felt this way the first time, and i still do. i don't have any excuses or explanations for the way you make me feel, though i wish i did.

because if i could explain it to you, it would mean that i would know too.

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