hot property.

i haven't taken my ritalin today, and i'm trying to act civilized. it's not easy though, it's like i just wanna jump into the fountain and scream, "ahhh, i am the kraken from the seeeea" and things like that.

you know what i'm saying?

i think there's something in the water lee-ann and i drink, we're such hot property lately. it's coming at us from all sides. there must be something in the food bliss eats, she's hot property too :)

i found a pretty little bracelet in a pretty round box (can a box be round?) and it's got a rollerskate charm thing, it's so cute, but i can't remember who gave it to me.

i also can't remember what the password of my laptop is. i think i can't remember a lot of things lately.
so i hope i'm sitting in a class i don't concentrate in, like maths or biology, and i just remember it.

otherwise i lose all my music. and that's would be a fuck-up. i would go a little crazy without it.
i'm so hungry, shit.

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