forever - walter meego.

who wants to do six pages on different religions handling moral issues. i don't even know what a moral issue is? i've got too much on my mind.

it's like all these lines we're not supposed to cross are blurring and we don't fucking know when to stop.

parfois, je veux que vous ici, et tout ce que je veux faire, c'est être avec vous. mais parfois, quand vous êtes parti, il vaut mieux. comme la tentation est plus facile à manipuler, comme je n'ai pas à faire de mon mieux pour retenir. comme je n'ai pas à vous soucier de tout ce que je dis chargé avec l'intensité.

i'm so tired. so fucking tired.
like any energy i have has been used on trying
to stop these lines from blurring.

all around me, everywhere,
all these lines are blurring, and i
don't know how to stop them.

don't look at me that way, because i can see what you're thinking. i can see, and it makes me a little crazy. one heartbeat of an awkward silence, and i know what you're thinking.

and i hate it.

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