i don't have much to say about her.

but you, about you i could write.
i stay up late, thinking about you, until i finally pass out with exhaustion.
then i spend the rest of the night with you in my subconscious.

i wake up, and the day seems to hold definition when you come to mind. one glance in your direction and my mind is drowned in floods of silly romance.

this lucidity. soft and sweet, cautious. this lustful qualm, and promise. these questions. no explaining. your verbiage, your redundancy. these persecutions.

anyway, today is all dreary. the weather insinuates ideas of cuddling, and lovey-dovey things.
bliss and franki and i are officially shunning, renouncing the use of the word 'like'. i say it all the time, i went back and read some posts and whenever i get awkward, or lose my train of thought, i say 'like' or 'you know?' or 'so'. therefore, we've decided to stop, as to sound less illiterate, and become known as astute young ladies :)

when one of us aren't concentrating, and the little word slips out, the punishment is a smack on the hand :)
hopefully we'll say it less.

i think i still say it quite often.

my head is throbbing. well, not my actual head, the little pieces of meat where my temples are. whatever it is that's there, it hurts.

attraction is so weird. it's this sinking feeling, but it doesn't sink at all.
something happens, your heart drops, and it sends you flying.

does that sound gay?

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