se sentir.

today is average. i skipped hospitality practical.
the teacher didn't even notice, which is cool.

it's cold today. it's steph's birthday, she's seventeen. i think i'm the only one left that's sixteen, which is lame.
i got around twenty slaps on the hand today for saying 'like'. they didn't hurt though, bliss slaps like a girl :)

we have a biology outing tomorrow, to a heart museum. how they're put together, how they're taken apart. how they're removed, eviscerated. and how they replace the dysfunctionals.

they say that when you have a heart transplant, you take on traits and characteristics from the first carrier of the heart. if you've always hated chicken nuggets, and the person who the heart belonged to originally loved them, you'll start to think 'dude, those chicken nuggets look really good.' and want to eat them.

if you've always been good at keeping your feelings in check, thinking with your head and not your heart, but the original 'owner' was terribly, insufferably sentimental, you'll start to find it hard to keep your heart from clouding your rationality.

i don't know whether i believe that or not, though.
it's a little odd.

it was never worth it, was it?

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