40th post, whoo?

why is everything vintage so pretty and nice to look at?
and i swear they release endorphins. then you stare at them, and then you start hearing little voices. "buy me, buy me. don't look at my ridiculously high price, just buy me."

oh well. i resisted, today :)

it's my cousins birthday today, and we went to longstreet, and that's where i saw all the pretty, endorphin-releasing vintage items. fuck, i was born to be rich. i'm supposed to be rich. living like this is wrong.

i was distracted today. for the first time, it didn't cross my mind all day. not until i did a mood test thing, and i thought of it, on purpose, to see if my mood would change from relaxed to something like sentimental or deep.

we're going to cattle baron tonight (??) for supper. the whole family.
everybody is telling me to take taylor, because it could be the last time we're all together like this.

i felt a little choked up, at that.

this post is a little anti-climax for a 40th post. people do huge things for their 40th birthdays.
what can i say that would be worthy of the 40th post?

i don't hope i am to you, what she is to me.

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