little miss pipedream fantasy.

i have so many off periods today, i guess i'll just post again.
i should be studying for something, since i write basically all of my exams on monday, tuesday and wednesday, but i really can't focus. i ran out of pills :)

anyway. today is happy, and i have a cigarette hangover. those two phrases aren't related, really. just two thoughts that simultaneously entered my mind as i was typing.

ah, i'm so bad at acting cool, and normal. i just can't do it.
that little switch in my brain is missing.

but what fucking switch is missing in your brain?


i think there is something wrong with the kids in my school. they must have missed something.

they must have some fuck-good excuse for the things they do, and say.
i hope they have a good excuse. i  hope they're dumbing themselves down, and the things they're saying aren't actually what they're thinking.

it's -- HAHA, franki just fell off of her chair, in the learning centre, and it made a pretty big noise, and it was funny :)

anyway, i forgot what i was going to say.

oh, what a stupid thing to do.

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