"music is about love. music is love. music is the way you talk to the person you like." - tegan quin

"liz feldman: have you ever dated the same person?
tegan quin: yes.
sara quin: no. oh, boys? that doesn’t count, that’s like dating a unicorn." - tegan & sara

"this next song is about when you get your heart broken and you try your best to glue it back together and you wake up one morning and you’re so happy because you realize, “oh my god, the tape’s holding”." - sara quin
"i know you want to have sex with me. i’m aware of that. it’s why i got up this morning." - tegan quin

"so i had to give my laundry away last night, which meant that i gave my pajamas away, so i was in bed with a bikini top and shorts. no, not awesome. not even in the same universe as awesome." - tegan quin

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