the lady doth protest too much, methinks.

just got home from supper, and i think i look like a stuffed olive.
my feet are spasming, i'm wearing heels that look like weapons from a horror movie.

my family is cute, i like them.
i had a thought before i left for supper, and now i want to write about it, even though i'm not in that brooding mood. i'm in a stupid, warm and lovable mood. cuddly. but i'll get into it.

why is everything so vulgar these days? i know i may sound all conservative, but really. everything has this repulsion to it. and we like it.

it's what draws us to it.

think about intimacy. the first person that comes to mind. imagine losing your clothes with them, going further. touching. you feel like you mentally cringe, and want to back away. but you don't. you feel a hunger, a greed. lust. you want more, and you take off your clothes vigorously.

and it's a little gross.
but we like it.

i like crushes. i like people.
i like pretty people.

i like touching. i like feeling. i like holding.
i like cuddling. i like skin-on-skin. i like warmth.

i like kissing.
i like breathing. i like looking.
i like words. i like talking.

i like listening. i like watching.
i like faces. i like lips.

i like teeth. i like sharp teeth.
i like fingers. i like hands.

i like holding hands.
i like tickling. i like scratching.

i like biting.
i like a lot of things.

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