i bit my tongue.

nostalgic. melancholic.

why does my heart heat, why do i miss it so much. i remember your face, your voice, your secret smile. i don't want to watch you fluctuate anymore. i don't want to be a secret anymore.

i don't want to be what i am to you all. i want to fall asleep cuddling, and wake up smiling, with you in my arms. i want to kiss slowly, because i want to savour it.

i don't want to feel so much anymore. you have no idea what goes on in my mind, i have no idea what goes on in yours.

i wish i did, sometimes. other times, i don't, i have a feeling you'd make less sense.

just hold my hand when we're both wearing flowery dresses, and when the wind is blowing our hair all over the place. just put your hand on me, put your arm on my shoulder, lay your head on my chest. don't ever take it away, your touch is like the shock they use to revive people. to me.

boy, you're cute, and i think i like you, which is uncharacteristic but a good change of scenery.

maybe i need this transition. no, i need THAT transition. fuck, i want it. fuck.

i want to kiss you, and i want to hold your hand, and i want to feel.

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