sanguine delinquency.

i'm alone at home, and i'm so scared. i don't want to look out any window, and i don't wanna sit in the dark.

i'm so sad. my plug just shocked me. thank you, universe.

i'm sorry for being what you said you were going to be. isn't it a little ironic that i am, though? i should apologize. no, i shouldn't, i'm perfectly entitled to be like this. so fuck you for judging what i did. i care what you think, but come on man, i didn't fucking hurt anybody.

i am a mess. i am sad, i am angry, i am jealous, i am bitter, i am regretful, i am sorry, i am all over the place, i am lustful, i am guilty, i am lost, i am pretending, i am hiding, i am hopeful, i am a dreamer, i am wishful, i am taking, i am giving, i am craving, i am intense, i am repelling, i am always too much, but i am never enough.

please hold me. please make me normal again. why am i so fucking emo? what the fuck?

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