seems i've fooled myself, once again.

don't listen to them, they've got it all wrong. might isn't good enough. you're never around. am i dying?

i don't know which i wish i could do more; rewind or fast forward.

i wish i could wipe your memory and start all over again tomorrow. wednesday. next week.
i wish i could change your mind, you're so fixated on this one thing, when it's so, so irrelevant. you're in the wrong place. wrong time, too.

i love you.

i. hate. hiding. this. from. you.

i'm so tired of this, i'm just so tired of you. you and all your emotional baggage.

why why why why why caring intensity wishing stop begging crying i want the ocean right now. stop crying to the ocean. tegan & sara, why do you sing about the ocean so much? i hate the ocean,

it's full of sharks and those ugly lightbulb fish, and scary scary things.

i don't want to wake up crying. respiratory distress. screaming. i want music, i want people. do you know why you're scared when you're alone?

talk to me. i'll tell you everything, if only you'd ask.

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