sheet intimacy.

i still can't get over how good my computer makes blogs look.

i love days at home when the parents are out, everything is just a million times brighter and prettier. the whole day just seems better. 

mothly has been my bff for the past while, she's so cool lately. i've figured out how to use her now, so she can make people look beautifully blurry, because sometimes clarity makes them ugly.

spook //

so, events have transpired, and now my respiration is horribly tampered with again. on a regular basis. i think it actually may be unhealthy for my heart to race like that. probably not. i wonder if the intensely heavy breathing improves my lung capacity. then again, probably not.

i love cigarettes so much because they make me feel light and flowy. i don't know if other people feel it too, but i don't feel all negative about things. i feel happy. from a cigarette, yes that's gay, but whatever.

la-la-la-la-ooooh. move you - anya marina. 

what do you say when you speak to the average person? where do you look? when do you smile, when do you nod, when do you lose interest? when do you feign interest again? 

move you.
i wanna move you around, got to turn you inside out. where do you where do you where do you get off?

i was walking with a ghost. i said please, please don't insist.

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