without reason.

why does death occur? why take our most loved, and place them six feet beneath us? why take our most beautiful?

why shock us, who have been left living, to our core? why shake us, why turn our little worlds upside down?

why cause such bloody, bruised, fractured aftermath? why leave children motherless?

we're all hurtling toward the same thing, the same fate. nobody is going to slow down because of stature, or money, or because of what everybody else thinks of us. it doesn't matter, we're all going in the same direction.

so why do you care about what they think so very much? why do i care so much? 

anyway, i got high with my neighbour this morning, and the strangest thing happened. i was on the balcony, laying on my back, staring at the sky, all peaceful and serene. i don't remember how it started, exactly, but suddenly the sky changed into the ocean, it was rippling and the reflections were shooting off of it into my eyes, and it looked like, you know when a pool reflects onto a wall or something, it makes those wavy shadows? it looked like that. only, it had waves too, and it was beautiful. then i started seeing oil-based solvent as you would through a microscope, and i couldn't fix my eye directly on it, so i started thinking of 'squiggly line, why do you scurry away, are you shy? are you shy, squiggly line?" and i laughed until it felt like my veins were going to burst from pressure. like my heart was going to burst from happy.

today was beautiful, i felt a lot of things, and it was just beautiful. the coffee was amazing, the water tasted sweet, and the piano was loud and it melted my mind.

i miss hostel and all my friends, and i miss cuddling, and i just miss them all so much. exams should just hurry up and finish now, so that we can all sit around and laugh without having to be stressed out.

i need to study, i'm never going to make it anywhere if i don't.

and last but not least, you're cool. and you're funny. i could talk to you for hours and hours and hours without getting bored. i probably haven't started studying because i'm talking to you. and you're cute. you owe me something huge, whatever we bet on. yes, you.

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