walk hand-in-hand.

those times when you're wondering, ask. those times you don't want to know, don't.

because you're not one to ask and i'm not one to tell, and it's why it doesn't really work out most times.

so just ask, because sometimes i want you to. when you think i don't want you to, nine out of ten times i probably do want you to. just ask. please.

excuse me when i get awkward, when i trip over my words and say the lamest things. excuse me when i talk so much nonsense without ever actually saying anything. excuse me when all i want is your attention.

i am babbling again. i want to go home, because i can't do it for a second longer. you know when you just need time alone? to breathe, and oxygenate your brain properly? so that you can actually think straight?

because right now, i'm not thinking straight at all.

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